Public Policy Priorities

NAIOP has identified the following priority issues that affect the organization's members and customers:

  • Economic Development: The Chapter's Board has identified economic development as a priority issue and has made a major commitment to the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation. We also believe that the foundation of economic development is sound public policy designed to retain and attract business to Colorado.
  • Tax Policy: The commercial real estate industry is a major contributor to the state tax base, and it is important that the voice of commercial real estate be heard on issues related to tax policy. This is particularly important as the Gallagher Amendment imposes an ever-increasing share of the tax burden on commercial property.
  • Growth and Land Use: NAIOP believes that this is one of the most important and encompassing issues facing our region, and one that needs to be addressed by the legislature, not by a ballot initiative. NAIOP will continue to support reasonable growth management legislation that addresses this very complex issue while continuing our efforts to protect private property rights.
  • Transportation: Colorado's population has grown by 48% since 1980 and vehicle miles traveled have increased 89%; in the same time frame, the percentage of the State budget for transportation funding has decreased by 40%. Hence, the traffic congestion problems we have today. This is a major issue in Colorado especially in this time of declining State revenues.
  • Affordable Housing: The high price of housing is one of the most vexing problems facing Colorado today. NAIOP members, their customers, and their employees are having an increasingly difficult time finding a home they can afford, and companies looking to establish operations in the state are beginning to be turned away by our high housing costs. If the stock of affordable housing does not increase, the long-term impacts on Colorado's economy could be damaging.
  • Water & Power: Water supply has become a front-burner issue in the region and without vigilant attention to management, conservation and primarily new storage, Colorado could easily find itself in a situation that would have a devastating effect on the region's economy and quality of life. NAIOP Colorado will be working with other groups to raise the visibility and profile of this critically important issue.
  • Construction & Building Operations: Issues affecting the day-to-day operations of our members' properties such as constructions contracts (retainage/prompt pay legislation), sub-contractor indemnification, insurance, and construction defects, all affect our members and their tenants.

The Public Policy Committee (PPC) will be reviewing these issues on an ongoing basis, establishing priorities and developing policy statements.

How do I get more information on current public policy issues or participate in the program?

Contact Kathie Barstnar, Executive Director, at the NAIOP Office (303) 782-0155, or by email.